Who Is Wijdan?‎

Wijdan is a charitable non-profit association, mainly established to support charitable and development projects in poor, war and crisis areas and utilize the donations for their good.

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Curious to know more about us? we would be honored to share our recent activities with you. Check our latest charitable activities, news and projects carried out by Wijdan association.

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Since you are here, then you are the right person for that! we would love to invite you to join our voluntary team and be part of our ongoing and always renewed wijdan charitable projects.


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How Does Wijdan Choose it projects?‎

After conducting several studies on each project, we categorize the projects based on the urgency and the need from high to low, then pick the highest.

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  • Core Values

  • Humanity-wijdan

    • Humanity: we believe that every human being deserves to have the basic human rights, ‎every human’s life is VALUABLE.‎

  • Voluntary Service wijdan

    • Voluntary Service: Vicdan works for the refugees, orphans and poor own good, it is a totally non-profitable organization, all of the staff are volunteers.

  • Universality wijdan

    • Universality: Vicdan association executes charitable projects worldwide, wherever the people need Vicdan, you find it there.

  • Attitude of Giving wijdan

    • Attitude of Giving: At Vicdan, we are always willing to give all of our efforts, time to the needed people, and work our maximum best to make your donations sufficient for them.

  • Compassion and empathy wijdan

    • Compassion and empathy: voluntary work, donations, and zakat, are not just a religious act or duty, it is a kind of help from the heart to heart, it means you UNDERSTAND how they are suffering and deeply want to help!

Why should Vicdan Charity be your first destination when it comes to charitable works?

Transparency and credibility‎

Transparency and credibility‎

when it comes to donations and zakat, everyone is so careful to pay it for the people who really ‎needs it. Vicdan is constantly making studies about the most needed people and groups to implement ‎its charitable projects, that is why the majority of the projects are directed to the regugees, and on ‎the other hand keeps you updated with the state of the project.‎‎‎‎


Vicdan Charity Association deals with every project with the same dedication and seriousness they ‎deal the profitable businesses with. As your main goal is to help people and pay the donations and ‎zakat, our main goal is to save their lives and make their future much better.‎‎‎


Vicdan Charity Association is constantly working on new and different projects to help a wider ‎range of the poor. Vicdan’s current charitable campaigns include: Supporting the Syrian refugees, ‎supporting Palestine, orphans support & sponsorship,confronting covid-19 in the poor areas, food ‎baskets for the poor and refugees, water wells, Zakat Al-fitr, Ramadan Donations, and others.‎

Freewill respect‎

Everyone has the right to choose the worthy project from his own point of view and choose where he ‎wants to direct his donations to. ‎

Voluntary options‎

Vicdan’s projects in not all about efficiently utilizing the donations, everyone can contribute as ‎much as he wants and we would happily welcome you to be a part of our voluntary team.‎


Donations no longer need you to make multiple steps, with you are always one click away from ‎making the donation through Vicdan’s website, all you need to do is to:‎
‎1-‎ open our website
‎2-‎ ‎ click “Projects”‎
‎3-‎ ‎ look for the project you want to direct your donations to, or choose the general donations ‎option if you want to pay your Zakat but hasn’t decided which project do you want to ‎support
‎4-‎ then click donate now and choose your desired payment method. ‎


Vicdan Association gives its workers constant trainings and workshops to get the best of them and ‎maximize the efforts that can be done to the people in need.‎


With Vicdan Association, you are not restricted with a certain currency, you can choose the ‎proper currency for you.‎













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