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school bag | To put a smile on their faces

Back to school… the most important annual event for our children, as they spend their vacation with various activities, but their eyes remain on the most important event, the return of school..

Their enthusiasm for school does not come from a vacuum, for the new thing is what creates their joy..the new school bag, the new school uniform, pens, colors, notebooks.. all of them are new that bring happiness to them, thus increasing their longing for the first days of school..

School Bag Project.. Why?

The joy of returning to school is a great joy, which we also live with our children with great happiness, but at the same time it is a joy that a large number of male and female students are deprived of, whose living conditions prevent them from buying a new school bag or a new school uniform.. These students are not far from us physically. They are present in the crisis areas within the country that has been exposed to conflicts for many years, and the more days pass, the more difficult and challenging life becomes for these students, as well as for their parents.

Even if they are able in one way or another to obtain a type of education, which is often difficult for them to access, yet if they obtain it, they are often unable to secure the requirements of this education, including the school bag and its basic components, especially with what they are facing from the wave of high prices. , which coincides with the increase in poverty rates, according to the UNICEF report, 25% of children live in poverty, and 70% at the age of ten years now suffer from learning poverty in the Middle East.

This means that male and female students in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and even in Turkey, most of them miss this happiness, the happiness of returning to school and enjoying the possession of their simplest annual needs, such as the school bag that a student cannot do without, which has led to an increase in dropout rates among children. In Palestine, the school dropout rate is 1.5%, and in northern Syria, the percentage of children who are out of school is 25%, while in Yemen, the number of children who cannot complete their studies is 60%, and these children are in dire need of education, and our societies are in dire need of a generation that grows up educated and aware, advancing itself and its nation.

The school bag project in Wejdan Association.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every person has the right to education, and free education must be provided at least in the primary and basic stages, and basic education shall be compulsory.

According to the fourth goal of the sustainable development goals, it is necessary to ensure that all girls and boys enjoy free and quality primary and secondary education, which leads to the achievement of adequate and effective educational outcomes.

For this reason, and because Wejdan Association seeks to be with the human being, supporting and supporting him, the school bag project and school supplies have been taken care of, so that the bag and its costs are not an obstacle to the continuation of the children in the path of knowledge, because the negative impact is not only very painful for the child and his family, but this extends The effect includes the whole society and the entire nation, and because of it, entire generations will grow up with a lack of education that creates a big gap between our societies and between progress and development.

The school bag project in Wejdan Association aims to contribute to providing the school bag fully packed with all the school stationery that the student needs, including notebooks, pens, colors and the rest of the basic school supplies, at the beginning of the school year, and the most needy students in crisis areas benefit from the project, which They are the areas where Wejdan Association projects are implemented, in an attempt by the association to meet some of their basic needs at the beginning of the school year, as well as in an attempt to reduce the burden of educational expenses on their families and parents.

The school bag .. your participation in it makes a difference

Supporting all students in need of support, standing beside them, and taking their hand to complete the path of knowledge, is the basis on which the school bag project is based. Therefore, as you prepare your children for school, and monitor their joy, remember that through your participation in the project, you can bring joy to a child deprived of it, who wishes that He tastes a small part of it with the new school uniform, school bag and new supplies.