Terms and Conditions


Wijdan Charitable Foundation is keen to preserve the privacy of its visitors, donors and beneficiaries. We are committed to all laws that regulate work within the digital space, based on the same principles of the Society and based on transparency and clarity, and this is what prompted us to write these laws related to our privacy protection policy.

What is meant by privacy policy?

 The privacy policy represents a kind of implicit contract between the association’s website and all its visitors, donors and beneficiaries, and we work through the clauses contained in it to clarify all the data collected from them automatically or manually, and we highlight the reasons that motivate us to collect it and the areas in which we use it. From this point of view, we consider the use of the site, an implicit acceptance of what will be included in this policy, and we also point out that a notice will be installed on our pages for every change that may occur to this policy, in part or in whole.  

Information about us

This Website is a site operated by Wijdan Charity. We are registered in England and Wales with VAT number 34-251-133 and have our registered office at Kayabaşı Mahallasi, Adnan Menderes Bulvarı, Kuzey Yakası Ofisleri, B5 Blok, K 3, No. 69, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Türkiye.

Your rights

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to access information held about you. Your right of access can be exercised in accordance with the Act. Any access request may be subject to a fee of £10 to meet our costs in providing you with details of the information we hold about you.

Any changes we may make to these terms and conditions or the Policies in the future will be posted on this page. In certain exceptional circumstances, we may make more significant changes to these Terms and Conditions or Policies, and in those circumstances, you will be notified by e-mail.




Information collected by the Wijdan Charitable Society website:

As a charitable site, we receive hundreds of visits on a daily basis, so some data may be collected from users and visitors for a set of goals that we will show later, and this is done through two different methods:

  • The first method of collecting the personal information provided by the donors, and it is related to the name, phone number, address and e-mail of the donor, in addition to the data related to the payment methods accepted by the site.
  • The second method is automatic, and it is related to the type of device used while browsing the site (computer, tablet, smartphone…), the system on which it is installed (Mac, Windows, Android…) and the type of browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox…) in addition to information related to the timing of the visit and the duration of stay within the site and the pages visited… We point out that most browsers are pre-configured to collect this data, which is known by the name “cookies”, which are data in a text format that the website transmits to the user’s device so that the site can remember information related to the visit every time you by using the electronic services of the Wijdan Charitable Foundation.




How do we use the information collected?

 Wijdan Charitable Foundation ensures that personal information is kept and not shared to other parties, sold or exchanged, while ensuring its confidentiality and not using it except for the purposes for which it was collected. On the site and your addition of this information, or the use of automated information such as knowing the most time when the donors are present to make sure of their service at peak times, for example, and what are the most devices used to take into account the appearance of the site properly in these devices and other information that we use to facilitate the donation process for the site’s visitors.

Who has access to the information or data of visitors to the Wejdan Charitable Association website?

 In all cases, the information and data of visitors from donors or beneficiaries are dealt with electronically through the system of the website or application. Access to such information and data for a limited number of specialists and technicians; Those who are directly related to the use and handling of such information and data, and they are committed to respecting the confidentiality and privacy of such information and data by signing a binding document, or a third party intermediary such as a short message service provider. They are also obligated to confidentiality of this information and in exceptional cases (such as investigations and cases) The employees of the regulatory authorities or those who need to be informed of it may see it; Subject to the provisions of the law and orders of judicial authorities, Wijdan Charitable Foundation is also committed not to use this information and data for any profit or commercial purposes.


You can express your desire not to provide your data:

You can browse the Wijdan Charitable Association website and at the same time not provide your personal information and donate as a benefactor, but you will not be able to follow up on these donations and obtain reports through the electronic services provided by the association such as e-mail and a donation confirmation message.



How do we use the donor’s payment card?


 When the donor makes the payment process, whether using (Visa and MasterCard) or if he donates through (K-Net), the donation process will take place through the page of the bank providing the service of the electronic donation gateway, and no bank information is stored for the donors such as “account number, password or any information related to the donor’s credit card on the Wijdan Charitable Foundation’s website, and that this information remains secured through the bank providing the service, bearing in mind that the providers of electronic payment services, whether by Visa, MasterCard or Knet, use the latest methods of protecting information related to payment on Internet path.


 Protection of your personal information:


 We are aware of the importance of the personal information of our valued visitors and donors, and we are fully aware of the challenges that stand in the face of the safety of transactions within the Internet, so we make great efforts to protect this information, by adopting the highest levels of security for the site from the dangers of electronic attacks, and we encrypt all data of those we deal with.