Empowering breadwinner women

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Empowering breadwinner women | Economic empowerment project for every mother who needs it

When a woman is a mother, she naturally bears the responsibilities that increase her ability, as she must have a full-time mother for each child as if he is her only child, and other responsibilities of her home and social environment..and the responsibility grows as her family grows and its number increases..

In areas of crisis, a woman is a mother and at the same time loses her husband, son, father and brother, or all of them together.

Empowering the breadwinner woman.. Who is she?

The project to empower the breadwinner woman targets every family owner and mother of several children, and she does not find anyone to take care of her affairs and their affairs.

The Women Empowerment Project for every woman who has a breadwinner whose responsibilities are multiplied by the multiplicity of areas and paths of life, from securing the family’s food and needs, as well as children’s education and its costs, and other basics of a decent life, as she finds herself compelled every month to seek help and aid from here and there..

Why the project to empower breadwinner women?

The need for a women’s empowerment project increases due to the difficulties that the breadwinner mother suffers from, in light of the difficult economic conditions that the region is going through in general, and the war and crisis areas in particular.

In Palestine, the percentage of families headed by a female breadwinner is approximately 11% of all Palestinian families. These families are the most vulnerable to difficult living conditions, as poverty rates among them reached 54% in some areas. Unemployment among women in Palestine is the highest in the world, reaching 40%.

While the number of Syrian widows who do not have a breadwinner has reached 146,302 widows, that is, a woman who is a breadwinner. In Yemen, there are no accurate statistics dealing with women who are breadwinners, but 80% of the population of Yemen is in need of significant assistance.

For all of the above, the project of empowering breadwinner women must receive great attention from charitable and humanitarian institutions.

What will the breadwinner women empowerment project achieve?

The economic empowerment of breadwinner women project, women in this category suffice with the hardship of asking, and secure for them the stability they dream of, as they have the opportunity to benefit from their skills to achieve a monthly income that helps them support their families, without the need to extend their hands to ask for help from good people.

What are the areas of the project to empower breadwinner women?

The project for the empowerment of breadwinner women was launched under the slogan (empowering a mother to build a nation), whereby women breadwinners are allowed to apply for sponsorship of their own projects, within various fields that are compatible with their skills, including:

  • – Sewing machine – Flower arrangement – Agricultural greenhouse
  • – Poultry breeding – Rabbit breeding – Sheep breeding
  • – Selling household items – groceries
  • – Manufacture and sale of detergents – Pastry and cake industry
  • – Home education center – Home nursery.

How is the project to empower breadwinner women implemented?

After the woman wishing to benefit from the women’s empowerment project submits a social research form to Wejdan Association, all cases are studied through field examination.

After the projects are approved and approved, the supplies are distributed to the women entrepreneurs, and the implementation of the women’s empowerment project begins. All this is accompanied by media documentation of all stages of implementation.

In order to ensure continuity, the projects are followed up periodically through a field inspection to ensure that they are proceeding as they should, and to contribute to overcoming obstacles and obstacles in front of the project, because the goal of the breadwinner women empowerment project is to bring the breadwinner women’s projects to a stage of stability and fruitful progress, which will bring them and their families financial and psychological stability. ..

Having a skill means that your chance for advancement is greater, but without investing in it, it fades and disappears, and that the breadwinner woman has a skill, so her opportunity to advance herself and her family is more available, through the Women’s Empowerment Project.

The Women’s Economic Empowerment Project under the slogan Empowering a Mother to Build a Nation facilitates the path to the advancement of the breadwinner woman, and achieves sustainable development for her, so that every mother with her family becomes a brick in building the Islamic society, strengthening and stabilizing it. stop.