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Comprehensive Care | Integrated orphan sponsorship

Orphans… are always present in every humanitarian institution, and in all charitable works.. They are the permanent profitable investment.. Whatever effort, time, and capabilities we put into it, it returns to us with all goodness..

By losing their parents, they lose their source of material and psychological support and support, and they become weaker and less resourceful. This weakness does not only affect them and their small circle, but also affects their surroundings, then the society in which they live, and then the entire nation.

Therefore, the sponsorship of one orphan means that you are building a man who will raise a family later on. This family may be an active element within a society that needs it.

An integrated orphan sponsorship means that we sponsor orphans as young as they should, so that they ensure the renaissance of society as they should be adults.

Comprehensive care .. why?

Working on the idea of an integrated orphan sponsorship within the Comprehensive Orphan Care Project, comes in response to the increase in the number of orphans with the increase in crises in our region, as the poverty rate in the Gaza Strip reached 69%, and the percentage of poor families headed by a woman reached 37.7%, of which 2.8% were widows. %, and the number of orphans there reached 17,115.

Most of these orphans suffer from a severe shortage in their basic needs and the necessary necessities of life. Therefore, comprehensive care for an orphan (comprehensive orphan sponsorship) provides what the orphans and their mothers need to live in dignity and self-esteem, because the need begins at the weakest link, which is the orphan child, and then extends to all family members. Including the mother who bears the concerns of the family in all its details, so that together these families form a large group in society, and our care for them over time makes a big difference in building society and its strength..

Comprehensive care.. What is it?

An integrated orphan sponsorship within the comprehensive orphan sponsorship project, which is not limited to orphans only, but extends to their mothers as well, as both need support, even if its forms are different and numerous.

Comprehensive orphan care (comprehensive orphan sponsorship) does not stop at securing his food, drink and life necessities only, but extends to include his educational sponsorship, attention to his medical and health side, follow-up on the lessons he needs to help him in the path of knowledge, as well as providing him with the necessary psychological support and what follows that One of the necessities of sports activities and recreational trips that enhance the psychological side of him and relieve him, and thus comprehensive care surrounds the orphan (comprehensive orphan sponsorship) from every angle, supporting and strengthening him and be a true and accurate application of the commandment of the beloved, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, “I and the one who sponsors an orphan are in Paradise like this” and he indicated with his index fingers and middle. – Directed by Muslim –


Comprehensive care .. for mothers as well

Sponsorship of an orphan within the comprehensive care project also includes support for his mother. Support for mothers of orphans is an important part of supporting their children, as responsibilities abound on them in the absence of the father and difficult economic and societal conditions. Therefore, comprehensive care for an orphan also includes support His mother through training and rehabilitating her to be able to do some handicrafts, so she has a profession through which she can advance herself and her family, as well as her care includes interest in her health and medical side, in addition to her psychological support.

  Comprehensive care.. What do you achieve?

Therefore, contributing to sponsoring an orphan within the Comprehensive Care for Orphans project means that we provide them and their mothers with support and support that suffices them to extend their hands by asking the need, and secures them to continue on the path of knowledge, so that life conditions do not force them to work at young ages, and in difficult tasks, to secure for themselves a living.

To contribute to sponsoring an orphan through the comprehensive care project for orphans means that we contribute to raising a generation capable of facing difficulties, armed with knowledge and work together, and means that the reward extends to us whenever the effects of the sponsorship extend and its benefit exceeds other than the beneficiary orphan.