Wijdan Charity

Who are we?

Vicdan is a non-profit non-governmental humanitarian organization established & registered in Turkey under the Association and Endowments Management Act of Turkey.

Vicdan works to fund and support charitable and developmental projects in war and crisis areas.

The Association also supports several projects and campaigns throughout the year, especially in the month of Ramadan, in the areas of Gaza, Jerusalem, West bank and the refugee camps to provide assistance to those affected by the war and suffered from its woes.

Wijdan Vision

Our Vision

Our current mission is to efficiently utilize your “Palestine donations, Syria donations” to change ‎Palestinian and Syrian Refugees’ lives, save the prosecuted Muslims, support victims of war, ‎confronting covid-19 in the wars and pandemic areas and heal the infected, support orphans’ ‎sponsorships, families’ sponsorships, poor students’ sponsorships, poor Muslims in Ramadan, ‎and help the needed people all over the world.‎


Our Mission

To make a real and tangible difference in the world and to become one of the leading ‎associations in charitable and development support in Turkey, and in the ‎countries that we implement our project in.‎

  • Core Values

  • Humanity-wijdan

    • Humanity: we believe that every human being deserves to have the basic human rights, ‎every human’s life is VALUABLE.‎

  • Voluntary Service wijdan

    • Voluntary Service: Vicdan works for the refugees, orphans and poor own good, it is a totally non-profitable organization, all of the staff are volunteers.

  • Universality wijdan

    • Universality: Vicdan association executes charitable projects worldwide, wherever the people need Vicdan, you find it there.

  • Attitude of Giving wijdan

    • Attitude of Giving: At Vicdan, we are always willing to give all of our efforts, time to the needed people, and work our maximum best to make your donations sufficient for them.

  • Compassion and empathy wijdan

    • Compassion and empathy: voluntary work, donations, and zakat, are not just a religious act or duty, it is a kind of help from the heart to heart, it means you UNDERSTAND how they are suffering and deeply want to help!