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Home Renovation | Right to safe shelter


Safe shelter is one of the most important human rights, and it is a right around which opinions gather.

The home restoration project aims primarily for this goal.. to contribute to securing people’s stability, comfort and safety.

House restoration.. An illustration explaining the project

In areas that have been living in crises and conflicts for years, there is a need for a home renovation project, where the economic conditions are bad, and they get worse with the continuation of crises and conflicts, and the global economic situation in general.. This need appears clearly and clearly, especially in some seasons of the year, when the suffering of families increases. With the onset of winter, in light of her living in uninhabitable houses that need restoration and modification, the cold and difficulties of winter meet with her, as well as the economic conditions that stand between her and carrying out the necessary house restoration process.

In order to form an image of the importance and priority of the home restoration project, it is useful to mention the assessment of the economic situation in the places where the Wijdan Association implements its projects, i.e. in Palestine, Yemen, northern Syria and southern Turkey.

Where the human picture looks dull, without colors that give life and joy, when the poverty rate in Palestine reaches 29.2%, and in Syria it reaches 84.3%, while in Yemen the poverty rate reaches 75%.

These percentages are, of course, followed by painful percentages of unemployment rates, and a difficult situation in the health, education and humanitarian field in general. For example, but not limited to, the poverty rate reached 53% in the Gaza Strip, followed by an unemployment rate that reached 45.1%, which contributed to the increase in the percentage of families. dependent on aid, which amounted to 86.1%.

Home restoration through Wejdan Association.

Wejdan Association believes in the importance of working on restoring homes in areas where the need appears greatly. It has given the home restoration project great importance and care, because its motto is to be with the person everywhere, and most importantly to be with him where he can secure his shelter and settle in, so it is It tries to repair and restore uninhabitable houses, so it seeks to build the building in a safe way so that it becomes qualified for its owners to live in, and at the same time it tries to support it by expanding it if possible so that it accommodates the number of family members more comfortably, and it also takes care of all parts of the house so that it can be used easily, including This includes electrical installations, a sewage network, and furnishing, after the restoration process, with the basic needs of furniture, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a gas stove, a solar water heater, safe lighting, a gas heater, and a water filter.

The house restoration project is implemented through several successive stages, following each other until it reaches the stage of closing the project, and handing over the houses to their beneficiary owners, where the project committee (engineers supervising the restoration) is initially formed, then the necessary engineering and furnishing specifications are reviewed, followed by contracting. With companies specialized in the field of construction, restoration and reconstruction, all the way to contracting with companies specialized in the field of furnishing, equipment and the necessary equipment.

After this stage, the implementation of house restoration and reconstruction begins, so that we end with the most beautiful final stage, which is handing over their homes to the beneficiary families after reconstruction, restoration and furnishing, as a conclusion to the house restoration project.

Of course, all of this is accompanied, and at every stage of project implementation, a process of media documentation with photos and videos, and the home restoration project, of course, ends with the preparation of the project’s final report.

Restoration of homes.. Let’s support each other

  The Beloved, peace and blessings be upon him, says: “A believer to a believer is like a building that strengthens one another,” and he intertwined his fingers, and he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, also says in another place: “Whoever fulfills the need of his brother, God fulfills his need.”

The house restoration project revives in us this fraternal spirit and this strong human bond, which indicates the community’s solidarity and compassion, when some of them feel for each other, so none of us accepts anything but to contribute to the restoration of homes for people most in need and in the areas most affected by the successive crises that our Arab region has been exposed to. He is satisfied with himself to sleep safely and comfortably in his shelter and home, knowing that there are those who share his human value, but he cannot be equal with him in obtaining his basic rights, of which the right to shelter is one of the most important, so he seeks to participate in the house restoration project according to his ability and ability.