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The sacrifice project Good renewed every year

The sacrifices are the renewed goodness that we await every year. We all wait for it as donors and beneficiaries, because it is a season that brings goodness to all parties. A party sacrifices and gives, and the giving returns to it in the form of happiness.

The sacrifice project.. why?

Because the sacrifice ritual is one of the most important and central rituals of our religion, and the sacrifice is a confirmed Sunnah from the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, whereby most Muslims are keen to sacrifice a type of cattle with the intention of feeding the poor and needy Muslims and feeding the family and those close to him as well, and this is one of the most important meanings that are reinforced by the season of sacrifice. It is the season of solidarity between the Muslim community, in which mercy and happiness spread to those who deserve and need it.

God, Blessed and Exalted be He, says in the Noble Qur’an: “That is and whoever honors the symbols of God, for it is from the piety of the hearts.” Surat Al-Hajj 32

The sacrifices on the blessed Eid al-Adha are a season in which hearts ascend to the status of piety, because of the meanings of brotherhood, sharing and compassion, and it is a ritual enacted by the father of the prophets, our master Ibrahim, peace be upon him, with his son, our master Ismail, peace be upon him.

The sacrificial animal project in Wejdan Association.

The sacrifice project is implemented by the Wejdan Association in places of crises that have been subject to conflicts for consecutive years. These conflicts were a sufficient reason for the people present within them to reach a painful economic and psychological situation, as evidenced by the poverty rates that rose to very high levels, as it reached 29.2% in Palestine, and in Syria it reached 29.2%. The poverty rate is 84.3%, while in Yemen the poverty rate is 75%.

This difficult economic situation brings with it a very difficult educational and health situation, as well as a very difficult psychological one. No attempts to fix it succeed, but the aid and charitable work we provide there may contribute to filling a gap that they desperately need.

Therefore, Wejdan chose to implement the sacrifice project in those places, where the need is greater, and the difficulties of life are greater, and invites you to participate through it in the sacrifice project to be sure that the sacrifices that you make will reach the deserving chaste families in the most needy areas, and thus you will be contributing to attempts to improve the humanitarian situation of our people There, they shared in making them happy and relieving them.

How to implement the conscience of the sacrifice project?

The sacrifice project in Wejdan Association is based on several foundations, the most important of which is the beneficiaries, because they are the primary target of the project.

So that the project is implemented in several stages, the first of which is the preparation of lists of the beneficiaries of the sacrifices, followed by the field research of the groups benefiting from the project, then contracting with those who will carry out the operations of slaughtering, cutting and packing the rations in bags, then the process of distributing the sacrifices to the beneficiary families begins, and certainly all of this is accompanied by documentation Media for all implementation processes, and ends with the preparation of the final report of the project.

For all of the above, the sacrificial season on Eid al-Adha is considered one of the great occasions in which the spirit of cooperation, solidarity and giving is embodied, because the benefit from the sacrificial animals is distributed to many parties and destinations. And they are not able to eat meat for long periods, so the sacrifices come to be a new useful meal for them, and the season of sacrifice is also a source of income for livestock owners, and a source of income also for those who will on the ground prepare it until it reaches the most deserving beneficiaries.

  These material effects of the sacrificial project come in addition to the great moral effects, because the sacrifices bear the meanings of social solidarity and compassion among the members of society, and the upholding of the values of giving without limits and without return, and the feelings of feeling the other and being equal with him in human value..