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They watered Because life begins with it


God, Blessed and Exalted be He, says in the Noble Qur’an: “And We created from water every living thing.”

Because water is the most important necessities of life, it is the basic component that a person cannot live without for more than a few hours, it is the element that comes at the forefront of human needs and is considered a basic right for every being on earth…

They watered the water.. why?

Because water in some countries, especially places of crisis in our Arab region, has become dear and cannot be obtained easily, and sometimes it cannot be obtained at all, and in many cases, even if it is obtained, it is not suitable for drinking and even causes many diseases to the human body.

This is in addition to the fact that the population residing in places of crisis, especially in refugee camps, are all suffering at the present time from a major economic crisis, which constitutes a difficult obstacle for them that prevents them from providing the minimum necessities and basics of life, which has led to a high rate of poverty, which coincides with the rapid increase in poverty. The number of families classified below the poverty line. The poverty rate in Palestine reached 29.2%, and in Syria the rate reached 84.3%. In Yemen, the poverty rate reached 75%.

These families suffer from the lack of a stable source of income first, and they also suffer from all the difficulties that come as an expected result of the lack of income, and perhaps the most important of them is the tense and unstable situation, which affects all family members, old and young, but when the need is water, it takes time. A more painful and difficult picture, because water is the fuel of life for these families, and their most important energy that keeps them alive.

Therefore, the project of watering water in Wejdan Association shows its utmost importance from these considerations, from considering the necessities of life and participating in the human value that does not differentiate between man and his brother..

They watered the water .. in the Wejdan Association

Providing poor families with fresh, potable water is the goal of the Water Water Project in the Wejdan Association, so that the water tanks of the targeted families of the project that will benefit from it are filled at least twice a month so that the needs of all concerned families of fresh water are covered, in an attempt by the Association Wejdan to alleviate the suffering of these families and help them to provide them with their most important needs.

The watering project in Wejdan Association aims to provide water for the most needy families in Palestine and the north of Syria, as well as in Yemen, which are places where the humanitarian need increases and multiplies with the passage of time due to the events that it is going through that directly and very badly affect the families in it..

They water the water in Wejdan Association.. How is it done?

Wejdan Association relies on a specific hierarchy in the implementation of the watering project, starting with preparing the concept of the project and its vocabulary, and following the steps until reaching the closure of the project and its implementation on the ground in the targeted places.

We start by developing a description of the watering project and its details, then the target group is determined, and price offers are received and compared between them, leading to the approval of one of them, then work begins on the ground and water is delivered to the beneficiary families, all of this is accompanied by media documentation of all the steps of implementing the project, including photos and videos, Finally, the final report of the project is prepared.

The project of watering water for needy families, if it indicates something, it indicates human compassion and solidarity, so that none of us is satisfied to enjoy water suitable for normal life, and his brothers who share with him the human value live a life in which they lose the most important element of their continuity and steadfastness..

And as the beloved Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said: “The likeness of the believers in their mutual love, mercy and sympathy is like the body.

Your contribution to supporting the water project is a practical application of this noble hadith, and it is evidence of what we can do of solidarity and social compassion.