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Purity and growth

The importance of zakat stems from being one of the most important pillars of social solidarity among Muslims, and the commitment of all members of society to perform what they have to do is a guide to the advancement and humanity of this society, and an indicator of its progress and prosperity.
It is from God’s wisdom, mercy and kindness to his servants that he made zakat an essential pillar of Islam, and it is the third after martyrdom and prayer, due to its importance, virtue, and its impact on the individual and society.. And a person’s Islam is not complete except by performing it if he is one of those who are obligated to zakat. Accordingly, whoever abstains from it is deficient in faith, God has promised him to extract blessings and purity from himself and his money, and with painful punishment on the Day of Resurrection. The Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said: Ding him Zbepptan is eager on the day of the resurrection .. Then I say I am the owner of your treasure. Then do not follow the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) Narrated by Al-Bukhari
Zakat is a guarantee of the dignity of the needy, and a means of securing a life worthy of his humanity.. It is one of his rights, legislated by God for him.. It is the duty of the one who owns the quorum to pay it without favor or favor.. The money in his hands is the trust of God, and he is the owner of the real money. He gave it to him to test it. Does he give thanks for the blessing as commanded by the Almighty? Or does he deny it and deny it and deprive the poor of his right to it?
Dr. says. Saeed Aboul Fotouh, Professor of Islamic Law at Ain Shams University: Zakat in Islamic philosophy is a right for the poor over the wealth of the rich, and the word “right” has clear connotations and psychological impact on the poor and the rich together. It is a debt that must be paid.. It also relieves the poor of embarrassment, and avoids them from the bad psychological impact as they are the receiving side of Zakat (Zakat is the best form of social solidarity, Al Khaleej newspaper).
Zakat has great goals that include the payer and the recipient of Zakat and the society as a whole.. It is a purification of the human soul from miserliness and stinginess, the Almighty said: (Take from their money as alms that purifies them and purifies them with it) [Repentance: 10] It is a purification of money and its development, and evidence and proof of the sincerity of faith.. It is consolation for the poor, and achieving sufficiency for them if it is done in the right way.. and it spreads compassion and love among Muslims, as the poor feels the sympathy of the members of his community with him, and that they are a support for him, eager to It suffices him that question, which relieves his distress and relieves his chest tightness and protects him from the evil of hatred and envy that may result from his feeling deprived of what his brothers enjoy without caring about his suffering, if his society did not sponsor him.. The Prophet, peace be upon him, says: “Like the believers in their mutual affection. Their mercy and compassion are like the body: if one part of it complains, the rest of the body responds to it with sleeplessness and fever.” Narrated by Muslim. a society in which the poor have enough; It flourishes, advances, and rises in the ladder of human civilization.
And zakat grows in the hearts of generations the seed of love of goodness.. the child who grows up in a family keen to fulfill the right of the poor to their money, and to increase it as a matter of charity.. he will know in the future that zakat has its right and charity its value.. and he will realize that the grain is for the sake of God. In the balance of God, it reaches seven hundred times, and an increase.. So he realizes that the real profit lies in giving and giving; The Almighty said: (Such as those who spend their mothers in the way. Because he is certain that profit in it is guaranteed in this world and the hereafter
How did our master Uthman bin Affan, may God be pleased with him, understand this multiplication from the Lord of the worlds? On the authority of the companion Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them both, he said: The rain fell during the era of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, so people gathered to Abu Bakr and said: The sky did not rain, and the earth did not grow, and the people are in great distress. Abu Bakr said: Go away and be patient, for you do not You will wait until the Noble God will release you, he said: It was not long before the servants of Othman came from the Levant, and a hundred camel came to him by road – or he said food – so the people gathered at the door of Othman, and they knocked on him at the door, so Othman came out to them in a crowd of people, and he said: What do you want? They said: Time has dried up. The sky does not rain, the earth does not grow, and the people are in great distress, and we have heard that you have food, so sell us so that we can help the poor Muslims. Othman said: For love and dignity, go in and buy. So the merchants entered, and then the food was placed in the house of Othman, so he said: O merchants, how much do you make me profit for my purchase from Sham? They said: The ten has twelve. Othman said: He has increased me. They said: The ten has fifteen. Othman said: He has increased me. The merchants said: O Abu Amr, there are no merchants left in Medina but us, so who is your increase? He said: God – Blessed and Exalted be He – has increased me with ten dirhams, do you have an increase? They said: Oh God, no. He said: I bear witness to God that I have made this food a charity for the poor Muslims. ?
For the sake of these gains, charitable people compete for the benefit of people, and trusted charities stand up to facilitate the performance of this obligation on the Muslims who own the quorum of zakat, so they organize the process of receiving and disbursing it to those who deserve it, and employing it in places of need and in development projects that move the poor from a state of need To a state of self-sufficiency.. Wijdan Charitable Society is one of these institutions that is keen to take care of needy and needy families and the general poor of Muslims, and designs projects that are worthy of zakat and alms because of the continuous benefit that they have for those in need.. and each one has his share of this great reward: (And what Offer yourselves something good, and you will find it with God that is better and greater in reward) [Al-Muzammil: 20].

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